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Services Explained

Welcome to our dedicated pooper scooper services, where we understand the importance of a clean, hygienic, and welcoming outdoor space for you and your pets. Our comprehensive approach goes beyond any competitor out there. This section will explain in more detail each service that we offer. 

Regular Cleanings

We offer a variety of flexible cleaning schedules to fit every need and lifestyle. Whether you are looking for regular maintenance with our weekly or bi-weekly cleanings, need a one-time thorough cleanup for special occasions, or prefer a more spaced-out service with our once-a-month visits, we've got you covered. Each option is designed to provide a pristine and healthy yard without hassle. Our commitment is to deliver consistent, high-quality service, regardless of the frequency you choose, keeping your yard clean, safe, and enjoyable all year round. 


Lawn Deodorizing and Sanitizing Service 

Our lawn deodorizing service is an integral part of our pooper scooper business, designed to target and eliminate the stubborn odors and bacteria left behind by pet waste. This service involves applying a special, eco-friendly deodorizing solution that neutralizes odors at their source, rather than merely masking them. It's formulated to be tough on smells but gentle on your lawn and safe for your pets. Moreover, the solution possesses antibacterial properties, effectively reducing the presence of harmful bacteria. This leaves your yard smelling fresh and makes it a safer environment for your family and pets to enjoy. With this service, you can reclaim your outdoor space, making it a pleasant and healthy area for relaxation and play. 


Kennel/Pet Crate Deodorizing and Sanitizing Service

Our pet crate, kennel, doghouse, and patio deodorizing and sanitizing service is designed to ensure your pet's personal space is as clean and comfortable as their outdoor environment. We use eco-friendly, non-toxic solutions specifically formulated to eliminate tough odors and kill bacteria and germs without harming you or your pet. Our thorough cleansing process not only removes unpleasant smells but also creates a healthier environment by minimizing the risk of infection of illness. Regular treatment of your pet's personal space is not just abut cleanliness; it's about providing a safe, hygienic, and welcoming area for your beloved pets to rest and rejuvenate. 


Bucket Service

Our "Bucket Service" is a convenient and hygienic solution for pet owners who prefer to handle pet waste cleanup themselves but want to avoid the hassle of disposing of it. With this service, we provide you with a specially designated bucket and a trash bag, which you can use to collect your pet's waste throughout the week. Once a week, our team will come to your location, pick up the filled bag, and responsibly dispose of the waste for you. We also sanitize the bucket thoroughly to eliminate odors and bacteria, ensuring it's clean and ready for use. We then replace the used bag with a fresh one. This service offers you the ease of managing pet waste on your own schedule while sparing you the inconvenience of dealing with waste in your regular trash can. With our Bucket Service, maintaining a clean and odor-free environment becomes effortless and more sanitary. 

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